Why us!

Loving and Loyal

Our Labradoodles are the ultimate family companion. Loving, loyal and kind with children. Whilst intelligent, patient and sociable.


Non-shedding coats

Our Australian Labradoodle puppies have good quality low-non shedding coats and do well with most allergy sufferers.

Home Three

Excellent Temperaments

All our Labradoodles must have excellent temperaments as we have 3 young children who love to help out!


World Wide Export Available

Our labradoodles are Loving, loyal and kind with children. Whilst intelligent, patient and sociable.

About Tora’s

About Tora’s

We are a small family run breeding programme based in central Scotland. Our goal is to breed healthy happy puppies with the look and temperament Australian Labradoodles are renowned for.

Current Litters

Current Litters

Our Labradoodle puppies are born and raised in our home with other dogs, pets and children ensuring your puppy has the best possible start! All our parent Australian Labradoodles are fully health tested.

Planned Litters

Planned Litters

We have labradoodle puppies for sale throughout the year in Miniature, medium and Standard size’s in chocolate, Cafe, Cream, Red, Apricot and black. Our puppies have made there homes all over the UK and Worldwide

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Tora Labradoodles

Betsy and Brickie

Colour: Apricot
Coat Type: non shedding Fleece
Size: Medium
Available: Around 09/04/2016
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Puppies and older dogs sometimes available for Family Care

Family care home pups available

Colour: Cream, Black and Red
Coat Type: Fleece, non shedding
Size: Miniature and medium
Available: Around 01/02/2016
tora labradoodles
tora labradoodles

Nyasha and Watson

Parents: Nyasha and Watson
Available: Around 20/02/2016
Tora Labradoodles Ellie

Ellie and Guus

Parents: Ellie and Guus
Available: Around 11/06/2016
Tora's Rosie

Rosie and Brickie

Parents: Rosie and Brickie
Available: Around 20/05/2016
tora labradoodles

Winnie and Bouncer

Parents: Winnie and Bouncer
Available: Around 30/07/2016
Tora Labradoodles

Angel and Woody

Parents: Angel and Woody
Available: Around 30/07/2016

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