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Bindi (Retired)

What makes us special

Grade: ALF 5th Generation
Colour: Chalk
Coat Type: Fleece/wool, non shedding
Size: Medium

Full Description

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Our Beautiful

ASD Australian labradoodle

Eye’s PRA Clear

Hips 3/4 , Elbows 0/0

DNA Profiled, ALAEU Reg # 398

Vetgen DNA colour tested “bbee” Carries for Chocolate and White,Cream and Red genes.

Rutland Manor therapy lines

Bindi is a wonderful girl; she is a brilliant example of the Australian Labradoodle. Her temperament, confirmation and coat are just perfection. Bindi is great with Children; My 2 boys (7 and 8) were given the task to train Bindi during their summer holidays. They had great fun playing for hours in the garden, Im not sure how much training was actually done but the bond they have together is so beautiful. I love to watch the children go off on one of their adventures with Bindi tagging behind just like one of the gang. Bindi is from Rutland Manor therapy lines. Thank you Debbie (ASDLabradoodlesUK) for my Beautiful girl. Bindi has the most beautiful pups with amazing temperaments. ASD, Australian Labradoodle.

Past Puppies:


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