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Grade: 4th Generation Australian
Colour: Cream and Chocolate
Coat Type: Curly fleece non shedding coat
Size: Large Mini/Small medium17

Full Description

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Pra Clear, BVA Eyes Clear
Hips 7/7, Elbows 0/0
DNA Profiled

Stocky Build

Indy was conceived in America. Tinka her mum came over to the UK several weeks before the litter was born and delivered 13 beautiful Australian Labradoodle puppies. Indy stood out from the crowd and we new she was a keeper.

Indy has the sweetest temperament, she is kind loving and playful. Indy is a popular girl and everyone loves to play with her.

Indys Mum was medium in size and her dad miniature so we expect her to have both medium and miniature Australian labradoodle pups.

Past Puppies:


Dog health checks

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