Why us!

Cara and Dapper

Dapper at Tora Labradoodles
Australian Labradoodle

Available around 10/02/2018


Grade: Multi generation Australian Labradoodle
Colour: Chalk
Coat Type: Fleece non shedding
Size: Minature


Grade: Multi generation Australian Labradoodle
Colour: Cafe
Coat Type: Fleece, non shedding
Size: Large Miniature
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We expect Cara in season in September and will possibly Honeymoon her with Dapper. Dapper is a coat correcter and most of his pup have lovely lush fleece type coats.

Pups will be Large mini or small medium in size around 17 – 18″

Possible colours would be black, chocolate and Creams.

We expect pups going home around December or January.


Please note dates are only a guide. These are our plans but mother nature may have other ideas.

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