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A Few Facts About Australian Labradoodles

A Few Facts About Australian Labradoodles
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When considering adding a dog to your family dynamic, an Australian Labradoodle is a wonderful choice for many reasons. They are friendly and sturdy dogs, healthy and energetic, and make for delightful and intelligent companions – one of the reasons they are popular as service dogs for the blind or people with other disabilities. As with many modern breeds, there is some confusion about Australian Labradoodles, and as such a listing of the facts can be of immense help for people making a decision about which breed is right for them.

Australian Labradoodles are a Separate Breed

The Labradoodle was originally a simple cross-breed between a Labrador Retriever and a Standard Poodle. These dogs were novelties at the time, and despite being slightly reserved and shed-prone animals grew in popularity very quickly. The Australian Labradoodle was founded in the late 1980s by Tegan Park and Rutland Manor, and included other carefully-selected breeds such as Irish Water Spaniel and American Cocker Spaniels, and the resulting generations from these breed infusions were then bred to each other, creating a stable line of multi-generational Australian Labradoodles. Australian Labradoodles typically live 13-15 years.

Australian Labradoodles are Allergy-Friendly

Unlike their Labradoodle cousins, the Australian Labradoodle sports a lush, low-shed coat that can even seem non-shedding. This makes them ideal for people suffering from allergies or even simply for homeowners who wish to keep their furniture free from pet fur. Their free-flowing coat can be wavy or curly.

Australian Labradoodles Come in All Sizes and Colours

The Australian Labradoodle has a wide range of colouring and size. Sizes range from miniature (14″ to 16″ and 16-25 pounds) to medium (17″ to 20″ and 30-40 pounds) and large (21″ to 24″ and and 50-65 pounds). At all sizes the Labradoodle is an athletic an compact dog, and as such typically weigh more than expected after simple observation. Colours include Apricot, Parti, Chocolate, Black, Red, Silver, and Cream. New colours are being discovered all the time, however, as regressive genes rear their colourful heads!

Australian Labradoodles Can Change Colour

No matter what colouring an Australian Labradoodle sports as a puppy, they are likely to change over time, often as young as three years of age and younger. These shifts can include a shift from Apricot to Red or Black to Silver and do not indicate age or any other condition.

Labradoodles Can Have 3 Types of Coat

An Australian Labradoodle has a variety of coat types: Fleece coats are silky and lightweight and usually sport no shedding at all, although they require regular brushing. Wool coats are best for anyone suffering allergies, but does require more maintenance than fleece coats, especially if the dog’s coat is allowed to grow long. Hair coats are the least attractive and least desirable. Hair coats shed and can affect people with allergies. Hair coats also require the most maintenance but will hardly ever look “good” to the eye.

Australian Labradoodles are Excellent Swimmers

Australian Labradoodles typically have webbed paws, which makes them extremely strong and confident swimmers!

Australian Labradoodles come in all different colours and sizes. View our dogs to see some of the labradoodles here at Tora’s

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