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Tora Australian Labradoodle’s is small a family run business with a great passion for what we do and 20 years of experience. We do not have other jobs like some breeders meaning our sole focus is producing the best quality Australian labradoodle puppies, in health, temperament and looks. We are the original breeders of Australian labradoodles in Scotland as we were the very first breeders to import an Australian labradoodle into Scotland and one of the very first in the UK.

Here at Tora’s we are all just a little animal mad with our dogs, horses, chickens and cat all being residents on our ten acre slice of heaven.

Jackie and Douglas both live here at Tora Cottage while their daughter Beth lives locally. Jackie started Tora Labradoodles back in 2004 and was a founding member of the ALAUK – She is truly an expert in all things Australian labradoodles. She has been invested in the development of Australian Labradoodles for almost 20 years and has a true passion for the development of this special breed. Her husband Douglas soon joined in on this passion and they started Tora Labradoodles. Beth has grown up around Australian Labradoodles all her life and knows the breed inside out. She began helping out with the daily care of the dogs and puppies at age 12 and after finishing her Business and English degree returned to help run Tora’s alongside her parents.

Jackie and Beth can often be found in the office making sure all customer enquires are answered, you will also meet either Jackie or Beth at the viewng and collection days.

Douglas is often running our puppies to their vet appointments but can be found doing maintenance work around our grounds and making sure everything is running smoothly.

We also have two members of staff, Sheelagh and Alice, who help us with the daily care and socialisation of our dogs and puppies – in particular making sure they get all the love and attention they deserve. Both Sheelagh and Alice have years of experience working with animals of all shapes and sizes.

We are also very lucky to work with a great team of vets and groomers locally.


Our Facilities

We are Licenced breeders with Argyll and Bute Council and we have regular checks on our facilities. We are a Limited Company, pay tax and are VAT registered. We also are registered with The Animal and Plant Agency under the Balai Directive which is needed for sending puppies abroad.

We are always working to improve our facilities and currently have a state of the art groom room, a play room and puppy birthing suites. We also have ten acres of rolling field for our dogs to run on and we are surrounded by Scottish countryside, perfect for long walks!

Our Story

Jackie began breeding labradoodles almost 20 years ago and at the same time had three young children on her hands, so it is safe to say it was a lot of work! However, this was something she was extremely passionate about and she would spend long hours every night once the kids had went to bed studying and researching the breed, connecting with other breeders and learning all that she could. As a result of this she cultivated a large knowledge early on about all things doodles from genetic testing, temperament to the raising and socialisation of young puppies and the development of the breed. She spent hours looking at photos of beautiful shaggy coated labradoodles and wanted to be able to breed puppies that would be similar in type and temperament. William was the first Australian labradoodle imported, the first ever Australian Labradoodle in Scotland and one of the first in the UK. He was soon followed by the very handsome Angus. William and Angus gave Jackie a great foundation for her breeding program. Jackie had previous experience breeding labradors and then UK labradoodles but once she had imported her first Australian labradoodle she knew this was the breed for her. As we know all too well raising these puppies in the right way takes all the love and attention one can muster and therefore, Douglas soon stepped in to help his wife and share her passion for breeding, raising and caring for our puppies. Jackie and Douglas have three children, Beth, Calum & Alex who all helped socialised the puppies for many years. Later Beth began helping in any way that she could, walking, bathing, feeding and socialising the dogs and puppies. After finishing her university degree in 2019 Beth returned to help run Tora’s with her parents. The rest is history still in the making as we continue to put our hearts and souls into producing this incredible breed.

As Labradoodle Breeders we wanted to offer our new adoptive homes an Australian Labradoodle puppy that we knew would live up to the standards the public is reading and hearing about. The Australian labradoodle has received a lot of media attention and rightfully so. Australian labradoodles are a fairly new breed, the dogs being used as Dams and Sires are health tested for genetic soundness. The health and temperament of the dogs is at the forefront with Australian Labradoodle breeders. We now have dogs from all over the world ensuring genetic diversity in our breeding programme.



What makes us special

We brought the first Australian Labradoodle to Scotland and since then have provided many puppies to loving families. Most importantly, we stick to a specific code of ethics! Many of our dogs have went on to become Assistance dogs, PAT dogs and therapy dogs working in Schools and Hospitals. Above all we truly care about what we do and go above and beyond to make sure our puppies and their families are supported for the rest of their lives together. We are always here to offer help, advice and even just keep in touch.

Meet our dogs


Just a little note and a photo to show you what a lovely dog we bought from you. People every day stop me and ask what is he? a few really know him now and just call his name and he goes mad to see them. He really is a fab dog, and amazing with the kids, I took him to a cross country at Williams school and all the kids got down on the floor and Toffee just licked their ears and ran over them all, while the kids were laughing! he is that sweet. If we are walking anywhere and someone ignores him, he doesn’t understand why they don’t stop and admire him! He needs loads of excercise and is of course totally in charge, but all the furniture stayed in tact! which is good considering puppies eat most things! Another thing I thought I would mention is his vocals, he is always talking to me, which I love and does bark abit but its only playful. In short he is a really great dog and William wants a chocolate one to go with him!! Peter is not so sure at this moment but we are working on it!! Anyway hope all is well with you and your dogs. Take Care Liz.


Nessie has turned out to be a fantastic pet. She is really part of the family, she definitely thinks she is human and she takes her turn for a cuddle on my knee when the children have gone to bed! She is extremely soft and gentle with the children and she loves it when they play with her. She is very loyal and follows me around the house and lies next to me when I am working from home. She is having a lovely life here, she gets lots of walks on the moor where she can run free and chase all the birds and play with other dogs. We have trained her to come back to a whistle – which she mostly responds to quite well. She is full of character and much admired in the town where we live and has near celebrity status with the girls’ friends at school. I have never known a dog to be so soft, she has been a great addition to the family! Anna Dawson

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Meet Our Dogs

As Labradoodle Breeders we wanted to offer our new adoptive homes a Labradoodle puppy that we knew would live up to the standards the

Meet our dogs