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Don’t be misled by common claims that all Labradoodles will have non-shedding or allergy friendly coats regardless of generation. This is simply not true. Breeders can better sell pups to you if you believe that all coats are the same. Labradoodles can have coats that shed a lot, coats that shed a little and coats that don’t shed at all.

Around 15% of people suffer from pet allergies. Symptoms are caused by a reaction to a specific protein found in a pets saliva, urine or dander. If you are considering a labradoodle due to allergies it is best discussed with your doctor. An experienced breeder may be able to help select a pup they think will be most suitable for your family dependent on the coat and genetic makeup of the dog. Australian labradoodles are usually more suitable.

The UK Labradoodle (origin Labradoodle) is still very early in its development and is therefore still unpredictable and inconsistent in coat and size, Australian labradoodles tend to be far more consistent in type and temperament.

Here at Tora our main focus is to breed happy healthy pets with great temperaments, the fact that most Australian Labradoodles are very low shedding is just a bonus.

What is the difference between UK Labraoodles and Australian Labradoodle’s? For more information click here

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