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Australian Vs Original Labradoodles


  • Charlie is a UK F1 (first cross) Origin or sometimes called UK labradoodle. Charlie was bred by myself and is a lovely girl.
  • UK miniature still tend to be bigger in size around 18-20″.
  • Coats are unpredictable and general cast or shed hair. Origin labradoodles are a 2 breed dog with only Labrador and Poodle DNA.
  • Temperaments in UK labradoodles tend to be a little more boisterous and bouncy but still very clever loving family dogs.
  • They are not suited for full time workers.
  • Origin/UK Labradoodle has ONLY Labrador and Poodle lines in its pedigree, it is classed as ‘Labradoodle Origin’, regardless of what country either it or its parents were born in. In the UK many breeders call their dogs ‘British Labradoodles’, ‘English Labradoodles’ or ‘UK Labradoodles, but please be aware that these are simply different names for Labradoodle Origin.
  • There is no official association, register or club for uk/Origin Labradoodles.This is unfortunate as it could leave dog’s vulnerable as no official records are held on, the number of litter’s breeding dogs have produced, no one to enforce health testing or to ensure pedigrees are accurate.
  • At this time Origin Labradoodles have no official breed standard to strive towards.

Australian Labradoodle

  • Junior is a 7th generation or Pure Australian Labradoodle. He has a lovely easy maintenance loose fleece coat.
  • Australian miniatures tend to be smaller in size around 14-17″.
  • Australian labradoodle do not general have shedding or seasonal casting. Hair will die and natural fall out just like our own hair.
  • Australian labradoodles are very clever loving family dogs.
  • They are not suited to full-time workers
  • Australian labradoodles can have up to 6 different breed infused in their DNA all specifically introduced to maintain their low- non shedding coats and exceptional temperaments.
  • Australian Labradoodles were initially bred to provide allergy and asthma friendly service dogs. Their popularity has rapidly increased and nowadays they can be found in family homes and in service around the world. They are very sociable animals and love being with people and other dogs. They are extremely intelligent.
  • Because breeders of Australian Labradoodles adhere to strict rules, regulations, following the same guide lines, ethic’s, breed standards and grading system we are all working towards the same goals.
    Australian Labradoodles through the generations have become more predictable and have a breed standard to strive for.

As breeders of the Australian Labradoodle we strive to:

  • Protect the future of the Australian Labradoodle.
  • Sustain and improve the health of the dogs
  • Provide public information for health status of breeding stock.
  • Provide a source of information to support prospective owners in making sound purchase decisions
  • Develop and monitor breed standards
  • Promote international acceptance of the Australian Labradoodle.
  • Uphold a breed standard and common terminology for conformation, temperament, color and coat type.

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