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What can I say? Barclay is my wee darling chocolate phantom boy. He has brought so my joy to my life after a horrible time losing my nephew and my dog in the same week. Barclay is the best dog I have ever owned, he is just an absolute pleasure and is friends with every animal or person he meets along the way.

Barclay is my constant companion now that my son has grown up and my husband works away from home. He even gets along with my diva Norwegian Forest Cat and waits patiently while she tastes his dinner and drinks his water before him.

He loves nothing better than playing fetch with his ball or one of his many furry toys, he can keeping going for hours! He enjoys being groomed and gets really excited when he realises its time for his Spa Day at the grooming parlour, where all the girls love him and fight among themselves to clip him as he is so patient and lets them do whatever to him without a grumble.

My husband who said “we don’t need another dog” has even gone misty eyed over him and calls out “Wee Duggie” when he gets home to be rewarded with a heap of brown curls kissing him hello. I have even caught him chatting away to Barclay when he thinks I don’t hear him.

All in all Barclay is the apple of my eye and I could not imagine life without my bundle of curls and fun.


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