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We got Bentley on Mothers' Day 2014 and he is nearly 7 months now. He's such a special bundle off joy. He is so loving & very funny and he settled into his new home with us straight away.

We have crate trained him and he goes to sleep in it every night but we do allow him up onto the sofas. Like us all we start off saying no dogs allowed, but most off us give in. I think it's because they are such adorable dogs.


We took Bentley to puppy classes, which he loved & so did we. He learnt to sit almost as soon straight away and now he can give paw, high five & pick out his favourite toys when we tell him which one to get - these Doodles are so clever!

Bentleys loves other dogs and people. If people ignore him (which not many do) he looks at them as to say "I'm here make a fuss off me." We get stopped all the time people asking about him and where did we get him from and whether they can take photos all the time.

Bentley is from Summer's last litter and we are very pleased to have got Bentley from her. I think Wheatley is Bentleys brother - his mummy wrote about him on here & all so Alaska is Bentleys sister. It's lovely to see photos of how they are all doing!

Jackie breeds the most fantastic, adorable dogs. Thanks, Jackie! We may even get another puppy one day.

I didn't think we both could love Bentley the way we do, he is part off our life and we couldn't be with out him.


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