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Grade: ALF 6th Generation
Colour: Cream
Coat Type: Wavy non shedding fleece coat
Size: 17”

Full Description

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Hips and Elbows OFA Good
Eye’s CERF and PRA Clear
vWD Clear, DNA Profile
ALAEU Reg # 38
Tegan park lines

Angus is 17” tall with the most beautiful wavy non shedding fleece coat. He is such a mischievous little doodle and is always making us laugh. He won’t stay this colour for long, he loves to dig up all the mole hills and cover himself and us with dirt! Angus has been vetgen DNA colour tested “bbee” and carries for Chocolate, Cream, White and Red genes.

Angus came to us from Northwest Australian Labradoodles in Washington State, USA.

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