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Grade: Multi generation Australian Labradoodle
Colour: Chalk
Coat Type: Fleece non shedding
Size: Small Medium

Full Description

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Dapper has joined us from Hales Labradoodles in California. He is absolutely gorgeous. He is a real friendly little guy and just wants to play and be loved. He will try his very best to make you laugh!

Dapper has a lovely Chalk Fleece non shedding coat and beautiful dark eyes and a black nose. Dapper is small medium in size. Dapper comes from a long line of much admired dogs from Hales Labradoodles. We also got our fabulous Chewey from Hales who has given us some of the most adorable Labradoodles. We can’t wait to meet his puppies!

Dapper has amazing health test results.

Hips and Elbows are OFA Excellent

PRA Clear

Eyes Clear

vWD Clear

DM Clear

EIC Clear

IC Normal

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Dog health checks

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