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Tora Labradoodles

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Grade: multi generation Australian Labradoodle
Colour: Caramel
Coat Type: Fleece, Non shedding
Size: Large Medium

Full Description

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Dolly is the fabulous daughter of Kala and Woody. She has her mothers looks but her fathers playful temperament. She is a lovely medium sized girl with great structured and confirmation. Dolly has an low shedding cream fleece coat. She is a very sociable girl with dogs and people and we are excited to have her in our breeding programs. She comes from a mix of old Australian lines and some new American lines. Dolly comes from William Wallace who was one of my very first imported dogs, so its lovely to see this line continue.

Dolly has passed her health testing with flying colours.

Hips 3/6  =9

Elbows 0/0

BVA Eyes clear

Dog health checks

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