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What makes us special

Grade: Multi generation Australian Labradoodle
Colour: Red
Coat Type: Curly Fleece Non shedding
Size: Medium

Full Description

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Ellie is such a gorgeous girl. Her mum is our Lovely girl “Ella” who has now retired and no guessing who her daddy is! The amazing Brickie, she looks just like him and also has his temperament.

Ellie is a happy, confident but very loveable girl. If you don’t watch our she will be on your lap before you know it!!

Ellie is such a gentil soul, her lines are often found in Therapy dogs and its easy to understand why.

Ellie has now completed all her health testing and we are excited to see her puppies in 2016.

Ellie has a curly Red fleece non shedding coat. People often mistake her coat as brown because she is so dark.

Dog health checks

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