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Grade: 5th Generation
Colour: Black
Coat Type: Soft Fleece Spiral Coat
Size: Small/Medium

Full Description

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Hips total 11 and Elbows 0

Eye’s CERF Clear

DNA Profiled, ALAEU Reg # 330

Tegan Park lines

Flirt has been DNA Vetgene colour tested “BbEe” she carries Chocolate, Black, Cream,White and Red genes.

Flirt was the first Miniature Australian Labradoodle from Tegan Park to be born in the UK. Flirt was conceived in Australia at Tegan Park Labradoodles and then born in the UK. This breeding was carefully planned by Angela the founder of the ASD Labradoodle.

Flirt is a gorgeous girl. She has a beautiful soft Fleece spiral coat (although short at this time) great bone and substance. She is definitely a people person and love‘s to be in company, she will lie on your lap so content you just hate to disturb her.

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