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Grade: multi generation Australian Labradoodle
Colour: Chocolate
Coat Type: Fleece non shedding
Size: Large Miniature

Full Description

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Haggis is just an amazing boy! He has the loveliest curly fleece coat with a lovely stocky build, he has a nice chunkiness about him with a good solid frame. Both his parents were miniature but Haggis has grown bigger than them both of them! He is a lovely small medium boy around 18″ to the shoulder. He has a lovey wide muzzle and large round loving eyes.  Haggis has a lovely playful temperament but also loves to be pampered and cuddled. Haggis lives with his Guardian family and best friend Louie the shitzu.

Haggis is clear of all genetic testing for CNM, Dm, EIC, HUU, NEwS, PKD, prcd, vWD1.

Hips 8/6 total 14

Elbows Total 0/0

Eyes BVA Clear

Dog health checks

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