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Grade: Multi generation Australian Labradoodle
Colour: Red
Coat Type: Curly Fleece Non shedding
Size: Miniature

Full Description

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The Gorgeous Pippin is one of our smallest miniature labradoodles here at Tora.

She may be small in size but not in personality. She is a real cutie although sometimes I do think she is a cat! She is very much a lap dog and like’s nothing better to cosy in beside you or sleep on your lap. Pippin is around 15″ with a curly Fleece Red low shedding coat. Pippin is a true miniature Australian Labradoodle and is from one of our longest lines descending¬†from our gorgeous girl Summer. Pippin is a lovely girl and very loyal, she loves other dogs but is very much a people person. This girl is just to sweet for her own good!

Pippin Lives with her lovely Guardian Family in Oban.

Toradalriada’s Lil Clementine

BVA Hips 4/6 = 10

BVA Elbows 0/0

Eyes PRA clear by parentage

Miniature Labradoodle


We are excited about Pippins first litter in 2017

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