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Grade: 7th Generation Australian Labradoodle
Colour: Red
Coat Type: Fleece, non shedding
Size: Miniature

Full Description

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Roo ( AKA Toradalriada’s Sugar Bomb) is just a joy to behold.

Roo is the perfect little labradoodle in a perfect little package. She is sweet, funny, friendly, intuitive and very, very cuddly.

Roo has beautiful balance with great movement and conformation.

Roo is the Daughter of my very special little Summer and Im so delighted to carrie on these amazing lines, I think Roo will have a great impact on the breed for generations to come.

We are delighted with Roo’s health test results.


BVA Eyes clear

Eyes PRA Clear by Parentage

Hips 4/4

Elbow’s 0/0


Dog health checks

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