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What makes us special

Grade: Multi generation Australian Labradoodle
Colour: Red
Coat Type: Curly low/non shedding Coat
Size: Micro Miniature 13

Full Description

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Tyrion is our super cute micro doodle all the way from Canoodles in Canada. Tyrion stands around 13″ to the shoulder. He may be small in size but has a huge personality! He is definitely my kids favourite boy! And yes, they are Game Of Thrones super fans, hence the name. He has a lovely playful temperament and just loves people, puppies and dogs. Tyrion just wants to be everyones best friend.

Tyrion first came to us with an Apricot coat which has slowly turned to red over the last 6 months. Tyrion lives in a lovely family care home (my Groomer).

Tyrion passed his health testing with flying colours.

BVA Hips 4/4

BVA Elbows 0/0

BVA eyes clear

PRA clear by parentage.


Looking forward to this little guys pups in 2017

Dog health checks

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