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Grade: Multi generation Australian Labradoodle
Colour: Chocolate/Lavander
Coat Type: Fleece, non shedding
Size: Medium

Full Description

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The absolutely stunning Woody!

When Woody was born we knew he was a keeper. You have never seen a cuter puppy! He was a real chunky monkey and as cute as could be, he also had the sweetest temperament.

Woody is the son of Flirt and Chewy. He grew bigger than both his parents and is a lovely large medium with a non shedding fleece coat.

Woody’s coat has lightened and he is now a lovely lavender colour, he still has his cute white toes!!

Woody should produce puppies in Cream, Chocolates, Cafe and Parti colours.

BVA Eyes clear

Vwb Clear

Hips total 14

Elbows 0/0

Does not carrie the improper coat gene

Dog health checks

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