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Puppy Care

Top Tips For Your New Puppy

Collecting your puppy

If your journey is short and someone else can drive then your new puppy can travel on your lap. If your journey is lengthy then it is best to use a travel crate for your puppy. Kitchen paper, old towels and wipe will be handy in case of any accidents. If you plan to stop to let your puppy out to stretch his legs then make sure you attach a leash. Your puppy will not be leash trained but it is useful as a safety precaution. Do take your Australian Labradoodle puppy home for quiet time with you and your family for the first 24 hours.


Keep in mind that your puppy is not fully vaccinated until it has had first puppy shots. Dog parks and pet stores are not a good idea until your puppy is fully vaccinated. Choose a vet and make an appointment within 3 days of when you will be receiving your puppy.

Settling In

You have to understand that your little Australian Labradoodle puppy is just like a human toddler. He has been taken away from his siblings and parents and he has undoubtedly undergone stress. Don’t be surprised if he keeps you up by crying for a night or two (or three!). He will soon get used to your smell and will realize that you are there to protect and comfort him. Australian Labradoodle Puppies also like to be held next to your skin where they can feel your heartbeat and your warmth. Put a hot water bottle, an indestructible stuffed toy or a windup, ticking clock wrapped in a towel in your puppy’s crate for comfort. Talking to your puppy in a soft, reassuring voice is extremely important. He may not understand the words, but he will appreciate and understand the meaning. However, don’t pick him up every time he cries or barks, or he will soon associate that undesirable behavior with getting a positive response. Observe your puppy’s actions and reactions carefully. Handle your puppy frequently and briefly. Don’t let him get overtired or over-stimulated.

Puppy Misbehaviour

A young puppy may bite, mouth and jump; not because it is aggressive but because that is what puppies do. An adolescent dog will go through a “teenage” phase when he will need consistent training to keep him within bounds. Most adolescent dogs will test their owner’s patience.


Food time should be a relaxed affair and supervised until the dog has finished his meal. Do not leave a bowl of food on the floor, if the dog does not finish his meal then remove the bowl. If you decide to allow your dog a very high value resource such as a bone, then he should eat it in a place away from the children. You may consider that the best time for this is after they have gone to bed at night.

Puppies & Children

Dogs can find children exciting and your children will need to be taught how to behave around dogs so that accidents are not caused by the dog becoming over stimulated. Supervise children’s activities with the puppy and keep those activities within common sense. Children must be made to realize that your new Australian Labradoodle puppy is a little baby and needs to rest often. Your dog will need a quite place of his own where he can rest, away from the children. If he has a crate, then children should be taught that they must leave him in peace when he is in his “den”. Your dog will also know that this is a safe haven when he finds the children too stressful. Teach your children never to snatch a toy from your dog and teach your dog to “swap” on command. A dog that will willingly swap a toy for another toy or treat is less likely to start guarding his belongings. For their own safety, children must be taught to respect dogs. Older children will benefit from attending training classes with their dog. Many children make very good handlers and it is when a child becomes involved in training their dog that you will notice a real bond develop.

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