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Health Care


Your Australian labradoodle pup will be wormed with us at 2, 5 and 8 weeks using Panacur paste. Your pup will need to be wormed again at 12 weeks and then we recommend you worm your puppy every 3 months, or as recommended by your vet.


Your pup will be vaccinated with us at 8 weeks. Your pup will be vaccinated with Nobivac and Lepto 2. We do not use Lepto 4 as it has been found to have more adverse side effects, it is also not needed as the two extra serotypes covered are not currently present in the UK. When your pup receives his/her next vaccination will depend on your vet but often they will receive their final vaccination at 10 weeks old. You must then wait one week before taking them out on walks and introducing them to other dogs.  

Often vets will advise on an annual booster but studies have shown that this may not be necessary. Dr Ronald Schultz – one of the world’s leading professors of veterinary immunology – suggests his studies have shown immunity can last as long as the whole life of your dog and a minimum of 7 years. Over vaccination is sometimes practiced by vets for profit, with some vets even suggesting you start the course all over again if you have missed your appointment by a month or so. We would suggest doing your research on the issues that can come with over vaccinating your dogs.

Flea & Tick 

We do not personally recommend regularly flea treating your dog. As flea treatment is a pesticide that enters the blood stream it can be harmful and in some cases it can cause very adverse side effects. If your pup does pick up fleas we recommend treating with frontline. Please stay away from products such as NexGard and Bravecto. These products contain an ingredient called Isoxazoline which according to the FDA has been “associated with neurologic adverse reactions, including muscle tremors, ataxia and seizure in some dogs and cats”.


Dogs in general are more prone to ear infections than humans due to the narrow shape of their ear canals. The ears can harbour dirt, pests and cause ear infections. Cleaning your labradoodles ears should be an important part of you routine. We recommend Peake Pet Care’s soothing ear cleaner and Thornit power. The ear cleaner disinfects and helps to remove dirt and wax from the ears. It also creates an environment which is hostile to bacteria and yeast which prevents common ear problems. The Thornit Powder can be used to ease irritation and eliminate the wax caused by ear mites. Sometimes it may be necessary to pluck excess hair form your labradoodles ears to create an air flow through the ear canal in order to keep the ear as dry as possible. 

Health Testing 

It is important that breeders hip and elbow score breeding stock. Dogs young or old can sometimes suffer from stiff and painful joints. Breeders should only breed from parents that have lower than average hip scores. The average hip score will vary depending on the breed. It is important that breeders continue to health test breeding stock, to maintain the Labradoodles vibrant health status. Here at Tora’s we always health test all our breeding stock. 


 A common occurrence in the Australian Labradoodles in that of base narrow canines in puppy teeth. We find this is primarily something which affects puppy teeth and does not normally go on to affect the adult teeth. Breeder’s are working to correct this but currently don’t have a DNA test that will let us know which dogs are affected. Ethical breeders will aim to only breed from stock with the best teeth however, genetics are not always that simple and even when breeding two dogs together who have perfect teeth, some pups may still have base narrow canines. If the puppy has any teeth issues when they are neutered by our vet, they will remove them while under aesthetic as is recommended by the BVA. This allows the adult teeth lots of space to come through. We do not discount or refund for dental issues. 


Just a little note and a photo to show you what a lovely dog we bought from you. People every day stop me and ask what is he? a few really know him now and just call his name and he goes mad to see them. He really is a fab dog, and amazing with the kids, I took him to a cross country at Williams school and all the kids got down on the floor and Toffee just licked their ears and ran over them all, while the kids were laughing! he is that sweet. If we are walking anywhere and someone ignores him, he doesn’t understand why they don’t stop and admire him! He needs loads of excercise and is of course totally in charge, but all the furniture stayed in tact! which is good considering puppies eat most things! Another thing I thought I would mention is his vocals, he is always talking to me, which I love and does bark abit but its only playful. In short he is a really great dog and William wants a chocolate one to go with him!! Peter is not so sure at this moment but we are working on it!! Anyway hope all is well with you and your dogs. Take Care Liz.


Nessie has turned out to be a fantastic pet. She is really part of the family, she definitely thinks she is human and she takes her turn for a cuddle on my knee when the children have gone to bed! She is extremely soft and gentle with the children and she loves it when they play with her. She is very loyal and follows me around the house and lies next to me when I am working from home. She is having a lovely life here, she gets lots of walks on the moor where she can run free and chase all the birds and play with other dogs. We have trained her to come back to a whistle – which she mostly responds to quite well. She is full of character and much admired in the town where we live and has near celebrity status with the girls’ friends at school. I have never known a dog to be so soft, she has been a great addition to the family! Anna Dawson


"We could not have hoped for a better, happier dog. Jasper is so friendly, sociable and absolutely adorable. He is admired and petted wherever we go (which he loves). Thank you for breeding the most amazing dogs!"


"I am so in love with my big bear. I am so happy that I chose this breed. He is so clever funny loving and cheeky. If you want a happy, chilled, loving, fun, non aggressive, great walking buddy, kayaking buddy, great with kids and all animals then this breed is the one. Thank you for breeding these amazing dogs. They are truly the best."


"Your dogs are simply amazing. I’m sure you know that and I’m sure people tell you this all the time but you breed the most amazing dogs. Harriet is just over 2 years old and was from willow and dappers first litter. We moved back to New York in November and Harriet was a champ! And most importantly, we just had a baby last Friday and came home Sunday. And let’s just say Harriet is amazing.  
She is so calm and patient. She is so gentle with the baby, she just wants to be near him, smell him, gently lick him (we have only given her access to his feet for now...) and look at him. She follows us around when we hold him, lays near us in bed when Rachael nurses him and looks for him in his bassinet if she cannot otherwise see him. 
The other night he was crying and we wanted to see if it was a real cry or if he would quickly soothe but Harriet immediately climbed on us and licked our faces to get our attention focused on him. I guess she didn’t want him to self soothe. 
We already thought we had the most amazing dog before our son was born but she has surpassed all expectations and so we just wanted to say thank you and let you know how amazing Harriet is.


"I just wanted to tell you that Cooper is really settled and has melted all our hearts! He's so friendly, chilled and playful,loves sniffing games and is just such a confident little fella! He's an absolute delight. He took to toilet training quickly, only 3 accidents in nearly two weeks so i think he's doing really well. He's allowed out and about on Monday next week and we can't wait to take him to lots of fun places.  He is a dream to train, such a clever lad! Thanks for raising our super pup! "


"We researched for months to try and find the right breed for our family, then again for the right breeder. Toras ticked all of the boxes. They go over and above and nothing is too much trouble, answering every question informatively and with such detail. When you sign up for a Toras dog, you are signing up for years of expertise and the most beautiful natured breed. Their dogs are stunning and our boy Barry is no exception. He has changed our lives, the best decision we ever made. If you are deliberating, don’t,  a Toras dog will enhance your life and introduce you to your best, most loyal friend for life."