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How to Puppy Proof Your House

OK so you’ve given in to emotional blackmail of children, the silent treatment from a spouse, or the simple awesome cuteness that is a dog. You’re going to adopt a puppy! These are exciting times, spent meeting cute adorable puppy who wriggle their tiny butts right into your heart. But bringing a puppy into your home involves a lot more than buying some food and a lead. If you don’t prepare properly, your puppy will transform into Gozer the Destructor and turn your furniture, floors, rugs, and other possessions into things you used to own, and teach you a hard lesson about why you can’t have nice things. You simply have to Puppy Proof your house, and here’s a quick guide to the basics.

Do It Now

The time to Puppy Proof your house is before you actually acquire said puppy. Once the puppy is in, it’s going to be a lot harder to Puppy Proof the place, and there’s a lot of mischief and danger the little guy can get into. If you wait until he’s running about the place you’ll be working under pressure and miss things, and your puppy is going to have more energy than you and will spend the evenings quietly destroying everything.

Puppies are Babies

The easiest strategy for Puppy Proofing is to remind yourself that a puppy is a baby dog, and as such should be treated just as you would a toddler. Once you realize this, it’s easy: Why not invest in baby-proofing products? This could include:


Baby gates are designed to keep small mobile creatures with more curiosity than smarts out of certain areas. Use a bunch of Baby Gates to cordon off certain areas of the house from your puppy, whether because it’s dangerous, or simply because you don’t want him scratching or teething on things.


Plastic Baby Locks are designed to keep drawers and cabinets closed. Use them in your kitchen to keep your puppy out of dangerous chemicals, and use them in your closets to protect your clothes from puppy’s endless curiosity (and inexplicable hatred towards) your shoes and socks.

Think Like a Puppy

Puppy Proofing requires a bit of imagination. Some people even recommend getting down on all fours and trying to see each room from your puppy’s perspective – what will seem enticing and mysterious to them? Puppies will chew on just about anything, so keeping anything dangerous off the floor or the lower surfaces is an absolute must. Some things you can’t stop. Your puppy has claws, and they will scratch floors and surfaces just by walking on them. Consider putting down area rugs and runners where your puppy will be spending its time, and secure them in place with rug pads. Clear breakables off of low shelves so you won’t tempt puppy with serious damage. Finally, make sure you have an enthusiastic schedule of exercise designed for your puppy. Keeping them active and entertained as much as possible every day will reduce the amount of energy they have for mischief – in fact, if you skip a day of running them around the park or your garden, you’ll likely notice the difference in the level of trouble they gets into that evening! Think you're ready for the next step? Check out our latest Australian Labradoodle puppies for sale

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