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Puppy training

Puppy Training

Training is fun and very rewarding for both you and your puppyLabradoodle Puppies have an amazing capacity to learn comp...

Puppy Care

Puppy Care

The New Puppy Checklist: Acquire a soft collar and lead Acquire a crate and bed and decide where your puppy wi...

Puppy Care

Top Tips For Your New Puppy

Collecting your puppy If your journey is short and someone else can drive then your new puppy can travel on your lap If...

Australian Labradoodle Grooming

How to Groom your Australian Labradoodle

The grooming of your Labradoodle should not be a huge ordeal Here are a few golden rules… Never shampoo your do...

How Your Puppy Will Be Raised

How We Raise Our Puppies

Neo-Natal Period (1-14 days) Puppies are born helpless and completely dependent on their mums They respond only to th...