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Pet Puppy Contract


Australian  Labradoodle  Pet  Puppy  Contract  of  Sale

Name of Buyer:     _________________________________________

Address of Buyer: _________________________________________



Date:                     _________________________________________

This statement sets out the particulars of your Agreement with Tora Labradoodles (Mrs Jackie McLellan), Tora Cottage, Cardross, G82 5EY, hereinafter to as “Breeder”.

This Agreement relates to Toradalriada’s _____________________ Born on 00/00/2019 out of  ____________, Sired by ___________, Microchip number_______________

1. The Breeder warrants that to the best of her knowledge, the above described puppy is in good health at the time of purchase. The Buyer agrees to have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within 3 working days of receipt of the puppy. If it is determined by the veterinarian following that examination that the puppy is not in good health, the buyer may elect to keep the puppy or return the puppy to the breeder within seven days of the last date of signing this contract and upon provision of written confirmation from the veterinarian that the puppy is not in good health. In the event that the puppy is returned by the buyer to the breeder, the remaining Terms and Conditions of this contract are null and void.

2. The Buyer understands that the puppy has already been spayed/neutered by the breeders veterinarian surgeon, is sold as a pet/companion only and cannot be bred from. This is done to protect the development of the Australian Labradoodle breed and prevent unwanted litters.

3. The breeder agrees to have the puppy microchipped prior to purchase to allow identification and puppy recording certificates to be matched. 

4. In the event that prior to the puppy reaching the age of 2 years, it is  diagnosed with life inhibiting genetic defects ( with the exception of hip and elbow dysplasia) rendering the puppy to be unsuitable as a pet, upon receipt by the breeder of written confirmation of this by two independent veterinarians, one to be of the buyer’s choosing and one to be of the breeder’s choosing, all at the buyers expense, the buyer will have the following options:-

Option 1 – In the event that the buyer choose to keep puppy, breeder will refund 50% of the pet price originally paid for the puppy excluding any veterinary bills, shipping or travel costs.

Option 2 – The buyer shall have the right to return the puppy to the breeder and relinquish ownership of the same on the understanding that the breeder will provide a  replacement puppy to the buyer as soon as reasonable practicable. The buyer shall be liable for any shipping or miscellaneous charges associated with the replacement puppy. The breeder agrees to re-home the returned puppy at a discount of 50% of the pet price to an alternative buyer who is willing to deal with said puppy’s inhibiting defects.

5. This warranty does not cover skin/food/environmental allergies. We have no control of the area your pup may be in, food you choose to feed your pup, or the environmental factors that may trigger allergies. Allergies in dogs (like people) can develop at any time.

6. This warranty does not cover cosmetic teeth/bite issues such as an under-bite or base narrow canines. These are recessive genes that are common to our breed and cannot be tested for prior to breeding. 

7. The buyer warrants that he/she is not acting as an agent in the purchase of this puppy in terms of this contract and that he/she will not sell this puppy on to any agent, pet store, or guard dog business. The buyer shall not be permitted to re-home the puppy without the written consent of the breeder. Where written consent is provided by the breeder, she agrees to assist with the re-homing process. The buyer shall not be entitled to relinquish the puppy to any form of animal shelter. 

8. The buyer agrees that the puppy will reside at his own home, will have access to a fully fenced garden, will not be chained or tethered and will be provided with suitable accommodation, a good quality diet, annual vaccinations and appropriate exercise and will at all times ensure the wellbeing and protection of the puppy.

9. In the event of the buyer breaching any part of this contract, the breeder shall be released from all and any obligations contained herein.

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