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Small Medium Black, Chocolate and Cream

Dapper at Tora Labradoodles
Tora Australian Labradoodles

Available around 17/01/2020


Grade: Multi generation Australian Labradoodle
Colour: Chalk
Coat Type: Fleece non shedding
Size: Small Medium


Grade: Multi generation Australian Labradoodle
Colour: Black
Coat Type: Fleece, non shedding
Size: Large Miniature
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We hope to have a litter due late November going home late January of small medium Black, Chocolate and Cream Australian labradoodle pups from Tilly and Dapper.

Pups will be multi generation Australian Labradoodles with good quality low shedding coats and excellent temperaments. These will be big pups with a lovely stocky build. I would expect pups to mature to approximately 17-18? to the shoulder.

We are now taking reservations for this litter. If you would like to be added to our reservation list for this litter then a £250 non refundable deposit should be paid and reservation form completed. Pleaseemail for a reservation form.

Tora Labradoodles accepts 6 deposits per litter, and reserves first right to retain breeding quality puppies for our breeding program from any of our planned litters. Our pups are often reserved before they are born so its a good idea to get in early.

** Please note availability changes quickly without notice, your puppy is only guaranteed when we receive your application form and deposit.**

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