Why us!

Puppy Care

The New Puppy Checklist:

  • Acquire a soft collar and lead
  • Acquire a crate and bed and decide where your puppy will sleep
  • Acquire food and water dishes
  • Acquire some basic grooming tools – slicker brush, metal comb
  • Decide where your puppy will be potty trained outside
  • Find a vet
  • Find a good puppy training class or a trainer
  • Save up all your old newspapers
  • A few toys

Don’t Worry You Have Plenty of time!!

Our Australian Labradoodles will leave us between 8-9 weeks old.

Health Checks

  • Puppies will be wormed every 2 weeks from birth with “Drontal puppy” until they are ready to go home
  • Puppies will be health checked by our vet and ESN before leaving
  • Pups will be microchiped with ISO International Standard 16 digit microchip
  • You will get information on diet, care and given the pups vaccination card and vet details
  • Our pet puppies are early spay neutered (ESN) before going to new homes

Extra Information

  • All our puppies leave eating Royal Canin puppy food
  • Pups will go home with a 5 generation family tree
  • 2 year genetic guarantee click here to view
  • You also have our promise to always be there for you and your new puppy, we love to stay in touch!

Interested in Becoming an Australian Labradoodle Breeder?

If you wish to breed Australian Labradoodles then in addition to mandatory health screening you must adhere to the international code of ethics which requires ESN for the protection, preservation of this new developing breed.

If you are interested in breeding Australian Labradoodles, we are happy to make available breeding quality puppies or young adults to new or established breeders.