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6 Key Pet Safety Tips When Preparing to Bring a New Puppy Home

Our pets invariably become part of our family. Whether it’s our imagination or not, we start to see tiny personalities in the critters we allow to roam our homes, and we come to regard them with a great deal of affection. Yet very few people actively consider their pet’s safety when considering bringing a pet home. Pets rely on us to protect them from all threats, both exterior and interior, and lack the ability to watch out for themselves. More importantly, they will never acquire this ability, unlike our children, who can be taught how to protect themselves over time. Here then are some of the most important factors to consider when bringing a pet into your home for the first time.


1. Clean Up Poisons and Traps

If you had an invasion of ants the year before, you might have ant traps or poisons set down on the floor, or other treatments still in place. No one blames you for not wanting pests in the house, but take the time to clean these up before your bring your puppy home, so there’s no chance they’ll consume something that will make them ill. Don’t forget that dogs basically walk around on their bare hands all day.


2. Consider Closing Over Small Openings


Small puppies are curious – and tiny. Scan your home for tiny spaces that their little bodies can wriggle under, into, or through. A puppy can easily find themselves in a small space they can’t escape from, and you may not notice they are missing straight away, and then find it very difficult to locate them in their new hiding place.


3. Consider Your Furniture Like a Pet


Remember, a couch, an end-table, and a cabinet aren’t furniture to your pet – they’re a bridge to the upper levels of the atmosphere! Look at your rooms from the point of view of a small animal: Things they can climb and knock over, potentially hurting themselves.


4. Change Your Habits


If you’re used to leaving your doors open when bringing in packages from the car, opening windows to let in air, using harsh cleaners in your kitchen and bathroom, consider the possible consequences. Your pet won’t know better than to escape into the neighbourhood and become lost, or to drink out of a toilet bowl that’s been cleaned with a poisonous chemical. To keep them safe, you’ll have to think proactively.


5. Child-Proof the House


Pets are very much like toddlers who will never learn to speak – many of the child-proofing techniques used to keep your children safe in their infancy can be just as effective with a new pet. Child-proof locks can keep cabinets containing dangerous items closed and gates can keep pets from gaining access to areas of the house that can be dangerous (such as basements).


6. De-String Your Floors


String is often a go-to toy for pets, but string can be deadly if swallowed. Once string gets into the digestive tract, it can knot up the intestines and cause severe injury, even death. Before bringing your new friend home, make sure they won’t have the chance to eat string left on the floor. This applies to other string-like stuff like ribbons and shoelaces, too.


By taking a few simple precautions you can guarantee that your pet lives a full, healthy life in your home. Avoid tragedy and spend a few minutes thinking about pet safety.


So there we have it, some preparation advice for bringing your new puppy home. Ready to make the next step and get yourself a puppy? Get in touch with us here at Tora’s for more information about our beautiful Australian Labradoodle puppies.

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