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Top 10 Popular Puppy Names for a Boy

  Naming your puppy is very much like naming a baby – you want to have something appropriate, but also special, and you want to avoid the super-common generic names like “Spot” or “Rover.” You also probably have to avoid your family names, because no one wants to discover they’ve been honoured with the naming of your dog, although sometimes when a series of daughters have put to rest any hope of having a baby boy to carry on the family name the dog inherits the family name. But if you’re going to house a leaping, slobbery bundle of joy known as a little boy puppy, and you’re not sure what to name him, here are ten names to consider. Observe your little man for a few days to get a sense of his personality, and then why not go with one of these.  


Short for the studly Maximillian (it’s Latin, natch, for “greatest”) Max is a tough, bold name for a tough, bold dog. If your puppy routinely terrifies the postman, chews your shoes into something resembling jerky, and struts about the house like Russell Crowe in Gladiator, this might be the perfect name for your little one.  


On the other hand, Buddy is a name for a dog that sleeps on your feet, follows you everywhere, and watches your every move with loving devotion. If your puppy cries in horror when you close the bathroom door behind you, Buddy might be the ideal name for this devoted new friend.  


Charlie is the sort of name you give a dog who thinks he’s people. If your puppy likes to sit at the dinner table, and often seems to be engaging in conversation with you through a complex series of growls, barks, and mewling, you might have a dog who is the reincarnation of a person suffering poor karma – and a People Name is perfect.  


The Rockys of the world are not the brightest bulbs, but they are good-hearted and courageous. If your puppy is the sort who climbs into the bin and then cannot figure a way out, if your puppy is the sort who thinks he can make jumps he obviously has no hope of making, if your puppy is the sort who barks manically at dogs 37 times larger than he is, Rocky may be your puppy’s name.  


Cooper is the sort of name you give to a pretty dog, the – dare we say it – Bradley Cooper of dogs. Is your puppy going to require regular trips to the dog salon for proper hair care? Does he look dashing instead of ridiculous in a blue bow? Then name your puppy Cooper and be assured that he will strut about in pride.  


You name a dog Bear, and you’re saying that he’s a big old bumble of a a dog. A gentle giant. If your puppy has paws the size of pizza trays and you’re pretty sure you’re going to have to purchase a human-sized dog bed for him, then Bear is a great name.  


Only name your dog Bentley if you’re prepared to live up to those expectations and clothe him in velvet and diamonds. Otherwise, Bentley is not for you.  


Duke is a dog who will ride shotgun with you in your vehicle and routinely bring you dead pigeons, mice, and old boots he has bravely retrieved from the burn behind your house. Duke is also a dog who will routinely shake mud all over your walls. If your Puppy has demonstrated a tendency to drool, Duke may be his name.  


Jack is a good solid name for a good solid dog. The Jack’s of the world are good with kids, never bark, play enthusiastically but curl up for a nap the second you wish they would leave you alone for a while. You can’t go wrong with a dog named Jack, unless your dog is actually a girl.  


Toby is an outlier. A dog named Toby is unpredictable; he might be tough and taciturn, he might be intellectual and meek, he might be the sort of dog who eats garbage, tail wagging in insane enthusiasm. Name your puppy Toby if, after observing him, you have no earthly idea what kind of dog he will be.   Need a puppy to go along with the name you've chosen? Check out our latest Australian Labradoodle puppies for sale

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