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Top 10 Popular Puppy Names for a Girl

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It’s increasingly popular to give dogs gender-specific names. Whereas in the past it was typical to give dogs a very pet-specific name such as Tiger or Boots, the trend in the modern era is to treat your dog like they are one of the family, which means treating them as a son or daughter, not an animal. As a result dog names for girls have been invaded with specific human names from pop culture and traditional naming sources. If you’ve got a puppy in need of a name, here’s the Top Ten names for a girl puppy right now. Observe your little lady for a few days to get a sense of her personality, and then why not go with one of these.



Yes, from Twilight. Bella is also one of the most popular names for girls right now – both babies and puppies! While this will fade a bit as time goes on, as all fads do, it will always be a pretty name no matter what happens to the young adult vampire novel as a cultural force.



Whether or not this makes you think of the classic animated film Lady and the Tramp depends on your age, probably – but this is a perfect name for a shy, well-behaved puppy that will likely have long, flowing hair when they grow up. If your puppy routinely pushes older, male dogs out of the way at feeding time, this may not be the right name for your puppy!



This old chestnut remains popular because it conveys the value of your pet and their natural status in the world, but it won’t win you any awards for novelty. On the other hand, if your puppy sits serenely and waits until you bring her food to her in some sort of crystal bowl, this may be the only name possible for your new addition.


Where in the world Maggie is coming from we have no idea. Maggie is, however, a great name for a dog – a good, solid name that evokes a long line of sturdy, pretty Celtic women.


Ginger is a great name for a dog, as it’s both a real name and a descriptor. If you have a fiery puppy with reddish fur, Ginger is an ideal name for a dog that will undoubtedly spice up your life.


Daisy is so traditional and old-fashioned it’s literally invincible to changing times. Homes typically associated with farms and the outdoor life are particularly suited to naming your dog Daisy.



Lucy is a classic name, but not so rooted in the past as Daisy. If your puppy has a modern sensibility, then Lucy is the ideal name for her.


Missy is a name for a scamp, a troublemaker, a dog that is continuously ducking her head and whining in apology as she sits amidst the terrible mess she has made. A puppy that seeks mischief right out of the gate could be named Missy, just so you can incorporate efficient scolding into every interaction: “What have you been up to now, Missy?”



Molly is a sweet name intended for sweet dogs. A puppy that routinely sleeps in your lap, licks your face, and follows you around in serene excitement should be named Molly. The Mollies of the world do not troop in covered in mud and trailed by angry phone calls regarding neighbourhood gardens, FYI.


We can’t explain or endorse this one. Tasha is a strange name to creep into the Top Ten, if you ask us. If you have a puppy that exhibits behaviour that makes you think of, say, a Goddess of Thunder, then perhaps Tasha works as a name. Otherwise … no.


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