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Visiting to test allergies

Visiting to test allergies
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Everyday we get e-mails asking to visit our dogs and puppies. Please note that we do not host visits to test reactions to Allergies! Although Australian Labradoodles generally do very well with people who have allergies, our priority is to have puppies with outstanding temperaments, well socialised, extremely healthy, gorgeous looks and fabulous low/non shedding coats. We do live with Labradors and cats so we are unable to provided an environment that would be suitable to test your reactions! We may be able to make arrangements for you to list one of our host families? There are lots of Labradoodle walks and meet ups most weekends, we would highly recommend going along and meeting lots of labradoodles without the contamination of shedding cats and dogs in an enclosed enviroment.

When our female breeding Australian Labradoodles have puppies they will often loose hair due to the hormonal side effects of having puppies, so again this is not a good time to gage your reactions.

We have had much success with families who have taken a puppy who have had allergies.


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