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What Makes Us Special

We brought the first Australian Labradoodle to Scotland and since then have provided many puppies to loving families. Most importantly, we stick to a specific code of ethics! Many of our dogs have went on to become Assistance dogs, PAT dogs and therapy dogs working in Schools and Hospitals.

We Are Passionate about What we do

 This is our full time job and when we say “full time” we mean it! It is 24 hours a day 7 days a week and although it is very hard work we absolutely love it. We invest all of our time into our dogs and puppies as we truly believe they are a special breed and we are committed to their development individually and as a breed.

 Genetic Diversity

We have carefully chosen our Australian Labradoodle blood lines from around the world ensuring genetic diversity from the best lines possible. We do not “in breed” or “line breed” our labradoodles.

Upholding Breed Standards

Our Goal is to protect the future of the Australian Labradoodle. To uphold a breed standard for confirmation, temperament, colour and coat type. Sustain and improve the health of the Australian Labradoodle and provide a source of information to support prospective owners in making sound purchase decisions.

Lifetime Support

We provide support to our adoptive families for the life of their Labradoodle. We are always on hand to provide help and support. We do love to receive photo’s and updates from our past puppy families, please see some of our puppy updates here.

Puppies are Raised in our Home

We give our puppies the best possible start. We make sure our puppies are well socialised, used to the hustle and bustle of a busy home. This makes it easier for us to determine each of our puppy’s individual characters and temperaments and help our puppies to adjust to their new homes more easily. Labradoodle puppies crave human companionship and we ensure they get plenty of love and attention


We have helped many familes find the perfect puppy, even those with athsma and allergies to dogs. Because Australian Labradoodles have low shedding coats with less dander they can do well with familes who are more sensitive to dogs that shed hair.


Health Testing

Our Breeding Australian Labradoodle boys and girls are fully health tested. Our Labradoodles are Hip scored, elbow scored, BVA eye tested and Pra-prcd DNA eye tested at a minimum. Our dogs are also DNA profiled so they are who we say they are. We will only ever breed from the very best fully health tested Labradoodles.

Health Guarantee

Our Labradoodle puppies leave us with , full vetinary health check, microchip which is registered with their new families details. Our puppies are wormed every 2 weeks from birth with Panacur. Our puppies are spay/neutered before they leave us or on a spay/neuter contract. Because we are confident that we have done everything possible to ensure the health of our puppies we also give all our pups a 2 year genetic health guarantee.


Our dog checks

DNA PRA eye tested
& DNA profiles

BVA hereditary eye
disease screening

Hip scored & elbow

Our Code of Ethics

I shall at all times ensure all dogs under my control are properly housed, fed, watered, exercised and receive Veterinary care when required.

I shall breed with the soundness of the Australian Labradoodle in mind and agree to test all breeding stock for hip dysplasia before any of their offspring leave my premises. I shall not breed with a dog diagnosed with hip dysplasia.

I will not sell or trade my dog/s to any commercial animal wholesalers or retail pet dealers/traders.

I shall not sell or dispose of a puppy under the age of 8 weeks. I will wean, desex non-breeding puppy(s).

I shall use a permanent form of identification, either tattoo or microchip, on all puppies I sell or trade.

I shall ensure to the best of my ability that all persons acquiring dogs from me clearly understand their responsibility for the care and welfare of the animal, and have made the necessary preparations for the keeping of the dog.

I shall help educate potential purchasers regarding responsible dog ownership and offer to take back any dog bred by me for re-homing if unwanted for any reason at any time by the purchaser, or help the owner to find a new home for the dog if not urgent.

I shall provide to the purchasers written details of dietary, training and veterinary care and/or an appropriate publication.

I shall not misrepresent the qualities of the Labradoodle or Australian Labradoodle including any guarantee of allergy friendliness and if any dog bred by me is sold on the understanding that it will not affect a person’s allergies and it does do so, then I will take back the dog and refund the purchaser’s purchase price, less my costs.

I will breed the Australian Labradoodle responsibly and keep proper records of my breeding stocks offspring, as much as possible, with any genetic defects I might be notified of noted in my records. If I am made aware that a mating that I have done has produced a puppy with a life inhibiting genetic defect I will rearrange my breeding program to reflect responsible breeding to avoid future mating with that breeding pair to each other.

I shall follow all laws pertaining to the care and keeping of dogs in my state and county.

I shall not purposely breed from any bitch kept by causing it to be mated before it is twelve months of age or after six years of age.

Protect the future of the Labradoodle and Australian Labradoodle
Promote and protect the future of the Labradoodle and Australian Labradoodle

Sustain and improve the health of the Labradoodle and Australian Labradoodle


Just a little note and a photo to show you what a lovely dog we bought from you. People every day stop me and ask what is he? a few really know him now and just call his name and he goes mad to see them. He really is a fab dog, and amazing with the kids, I took him to a cross country at Williams school and all the kids got down on the floor and Toffee just licked their ears and ran over them all, while the kids were laughing! he is that sweet. If we are walking anywhere and someone ignores him, he doesn’t understand why they don’t stop and admire him! He needs loads of excercise and is of course totally in charge, but all the furniture stayed in tact! which is good considering puppies eat most things! Another thing I thought I would mention is his vocals, he is always talking to me, which I love and does bark abit but its only playful. In short he is a really great dog and William wants a chocolate one to go with him!! Peter is not so sure at this moment but we are working on it!! Anyway hope all is well with you and your dogs. Take Care Liz.


Nessie has turned out to be a fantastic pet. She is really part of the family, she definitely thinks she is human and she takes her turn for a cuddle on my knee when the children have gone to bed! She is extremely soft and gentle with the children and she loves it when they play with her. She is very loyal and follows me around the house and lies next to me when I am working from home. She is having a lovely life here, she gets lots of walks on the moor where she can run free and chase all the birds and play with other dogs. We have trained her to come back to a whistle – which she mostly responds to quite well. She is full of character and much admired in the town where we live and has near celebrity status with the girls’ friends at school. I have never known a dog to be so soft, she has been a great addition to the family! Anna Dawson