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Why buy From A Professional Breeder?

Why Buy From A Professional breeder?

Here at Tora's our number 1 concern is always the health and well being of our puppies. It often pains me to hear that established, professional breeders are often thought of in a negative light. I often hear things like " Why don't you rescue a dog instead?" While this may seem like a fair point it is not as straight forward as this. Firstly, when we think on why there are dogs in rescue centres in the first place it is often as families are unable to cope or if the dog/puppy has ended up in the wrong hands. At Tora's we take responsibility for each and every one of our pups. We send each pup away on a contract of sale which states if you are unable to look after you puppy or dog for any reason we will take them back and endeavour to find them a new home as soon as possible. We also vet each of our families and will refuse sale if we ever feel a family is not in a position to properly care for one of our puppies. Another way we take responsibility for our pups is by spay/neutering our them before they leave us or placing them on a spay/neuter contract. This ensures our pups will not end up as breeding dogs in the wrong hands such as puppy farmers, and by ensuring they cannot be bred from it also means we will not contribute to the numbers of pups in shelters and rescue centres. We are fully licensed which means we have regular checks on all of our facilities and pay taxes. We health test each and every one of our breeding stock and have successfully developed our family care program meaning our dogs are raised and live in local family homes rather than in kennels. They will retire to these homes when they are finished in our program ensuring a smooth transition. What About Back Yard & Hobby Breeders?  Back Yard or Hobby breeders are usually not licensed and therefore, do not have checks on their facilities or their home. Often people will romanticise the notion of getting your puppy from this type of breeder as they assume they will have more attention and an up bringing in a family home. However, most hobby breeders will have other part or full time job meaning their sole focus is not the puppies. They often have limited experience and put limited financial investment into the puppies. Their breeding stock will most-likely not be health tested and screened for hereditary diseases. Finally, should the new owner be unable to care for their new puppy or should the puppy fall ill shortly after leaving the breeder, chances are they will not be able to take responsibility for either taking the puppy back or providing financial support. Puppy Farmers It can sometimes be hard to tell puppy farmers from hobby breeders these days as they can often hire out homes for the day to "show" the puppies before taking them back to their squalid conditions. They will cut costs at any opportunity as their sole motivation is to make a financial gain. This includes taking the pups away from their mum too early in order to sell them quicker and over breeding from a limited stock. They will also have not invested any time in learning to do things the right way and will have little interest in where the puppy ends up. Rescue centres/ Shelters Finally, Rescue Centres for some people may be a realistic option. However, as many of these dogs have come from traumatic beginnings they will not always be suitable for every family. The full history of the dog you are adopting also may not be known so this could be a risk, especially for a family with children. Back yard breeders and puppy farmers are the main source of the problem when it comes to dogs ending up in rescue centres, not professional breeders.

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Why buy From A Professional Breeder?

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