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Winnie and Alaska

Winnie and Alaska
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Winnie and Alaska are part of the Family Care Programme and an absolute joy to have as part of our family. Winnie is 15 months and Alaska is 6 months. They are inseparable and when sleeping are always cuddled into each other.

I feel very privileged that Jackie would trust us with two of her bundles of joy. They have great temperaments, oodles of energy and ooze intelligence. I get a lot of admiring glances when they are tearing around the park introducing themselves to everyone and everything. I hadn’t had a dog for over 20 years and had forgotten what a joy it is.

My daughter suffers from a lot of allergies and hasn’t had a single flare up with these beautiful girls. They take everything in their stride with a happy go lucky attitude. Winnie looks me straight in the eye and talks to me when it’s time to go for a walk (its sort of like a low cute raptor sound), very entertaining. We had a not allowed on the couch rule, but that got blown out the water about 3weeks after Winnie arrived. We love them so much and couldn’t even imagine not having them around.

We went on holiday to a caravan site which was right on the beach. First time Alaska had seen the beach and the sea. She was quite apprehensive but Winnie soon showed her that the water was fine and she dived right in.

Having these girls is such pleasure. X


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